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Dubrajpur Welfare and Charitable Society

Dubrajpur Welfare and Charitable Society (DWACS) is a registered Charitable health care society that is here to offer you with best health care solutions in the present situation that you may not have imagined

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We are only destined to provide you with such health care solution that you have never availed before in your locality within such affordable limits. Every one of you has gone through some costly treatment either for yourself or for any of your family member or any relative.

Well then who knows the situation better than you! And again, getting the right diagnosis at the right time that’s more important. Isn’t it? Now these are the matters when you can count on us.


As we have said earlier we are here to stand in the hours of your medical needs. In the grass root level our vision is to reach every block of our district Birbhum. There will be a service point of DWACS in each and every block of Birbhum. Birbhum is regarded as one of the so called backward areas of our state where there is neither good medical facilities nor they can be availed within affordable limits of common middle class people. Every now and then we are referred to Burdwan or Kolkata or elsewhere for the sake of better treatment and in this process the treatment cost touches the sky and it is more of a hazardous work. We are destined to reduce this tendency to zero by making these kinds of falsities available in your door steps.

We are here to offer you those kinds of falsities at your door steps If you are a member of DWACS. you are getting Ambulance much less than the market cost and off course it is available to you always. We will arrange for you right diagnosis at the right time, admissions in Hospital & Nursing-Homes, We are installing the MRI machine in each end every service point of DWACS. Falsities like C.T.-scan will be available in your block level service points and much less than the market cost.


There is an old proverb In English “A friend in need, a friend in deed” we are that kind of a friend. When you are in a problem and no one is there to stand beside you, don’t worry, DWACS will be there for you.

Be a member of DWACS and we are to offer you such facilities that you may have not imagined that these kind of facilities could be available within such an affordable limits in here within your block. If you are a member of DWACS you can live tension free life and you are not going to face any trout circle (DALAL CHOKRO).

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Joining DWACS is very simple. You can join us through online as well as offline. Just provide some basic information and you are done. Your membership card will be directly sent to you by our representative or through courier.

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Career with Dubrajpur Welfare and Charitable Society

Career with DWACS

Hello aspirants! Looking for a job? Come start your career with us. Yes we are no govt.-Organization, but not like other private concerns. You will not be treated as sales-man as other private concerns treat you new-comers/fresher’s You deserve respect and you will have it in here. Perform well and create your own elevation story. Be inspiration to others too.

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P.O. & Vill. - Dubrajpur
Dist - Birbhum,  
PIN. - 731123